Lambodriver2's skin


Name: Eric O. Smyrski.

Minecraft username: lambodriver2.

Minecraft league guild: combat.

Description: a guy everybody can like, always willing to lend a helping hand. more focused on form than function. main diet in-game is cookies and apples.(never say any car is better that a lambodrgini whith him nearby[unless it is a bugatti. he would have had his name bugattidriver2, but it didnt have the same ring to it]. he is sorry he can not controll this impulses.) has mant ideas that he wants mojang to implement into minecraft.

Things built so-far: house with storage room and farm, underground coaco bean farm, extention to bebobay's brige, glass tunnle under nearby lake and underground apocolypse bunker.

Other things: got drafted into the combat guild because he has dimond armour and sword. his farm is constantly being greifed by someone (he thinks bobofett12 did it because he has an entrace to his house right next to it).



Acheive the Flegling Recruit Rank