Guilds in the DVIA Team are a group of people specializing in a certain skill. There are a total of 8 Guilds.

List of GuildsEdit

Building: Builders are people who have a way with creating impressive structures.

Mining: Miners are the people who explore underground caves,

Woodcutting: Woodcutters break down trees, providing the team with wood.

Quartermaster: Quartermasters keep track of the team's inventory and distrubute resources.

Combat: Combat specialists fight enemies to keep the team safe. There are three specialties within this Guild: Guard, Infantry, and Archer.

Survival: Survival specialists hunt enemies to gain valuable resources such as Bones.

Intellegence: Intellegence specialists can recount information that is needed.

Chef: Chefs create food to keep everyone in the team full. There are two specialties within this Guild: Herbalism Chefs and Hunter Chefs.

Possible GuildsEdit

Enchanter: Someone who goes out and gains levels to enchant items. Requires Enchanting Table

Alchemy: Someone who goes out and gets Alchemical Ingredients and creates potions. Requires Brewing Stand


These 8 Guilds must work together to achieve the team's goal. Each Guild has synergies with the other Guilds. For example, the Builder Guild has a synergy with the two resource collecting Guilds, Mining and Woodcutting.