First Challenge SectionEdit

Minecraft - Tutorial Water28:52

Minecraft - Tutorial Water

This Tutorial explains the properties of water. It was given as a hint about the first challenge, which has been unveiled. To rescue our victims, knowing the properties of water will be very important.

Overall ResourcesEdit

Minecraft Wiki I'm sure many of you have visited the Minecraft Wiki at least once in your time as a player. For those of you who haven't gone on the wiki, it's one of the best places to find basic and technical information on Minecraft stuff.

Restonelabs Wiki This is Pepperdine's wiki. You'll find a lot of information about the Pepperdine challenges, as well as some basic information about some of the technical side of the server. If you guys want to go help them out, be my guest.

Building ResourcesEdit

There's a lot of awesome building videos on Youtube, so this area will be constantly being expanded.

Minecraft-Awesome Buildings and Build Ideas01:43

Minecraft-Awesome Buildings and Build Ideas

Minecraft-Awesome Buildings and Build Ideas I was pretty blown away by this.

Minecraft Epic Buildings14:03

Minecraft Epic Buildings

Warning in advance, this is a long video, so try to make some time to watch it. It's very inspirational seeing all these amazing buildings.

Mining ResourcesEdit

▶ Minecraft guide - Advanced Mining techniques! (Horizontal & vertical shafts) - TGN.TV Goes

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